High Forehand Volley Pro Tip - Ernesto Escobedo

08/16/2022 1:42pm 3 minute read

Watch as Brian Teacher analyses ATP Player Ernesto Escobedo's High Forehand Volley using the FCT App!

Hi, Brian Teacher, founder of the fastest growing tennis app, Full Court Tennis, with your tennis tip of the day. All top pros have different styles of play, but similar ingredients to their swings. Now let's look at the essential elements of ATP Player Ernesto Escobedo hitting a high forehand volley. We see right as he starts to move out to the ball he starts to prepare his wrist and lays it back and there he starts a unit turn with his shoulders and his left arm at a 45 degree angle to his body. We see the right hand and wrist are above his shoulder and  slightly past his shoulder as he steps out and addresses the ball with his right foot forward..The whole swing is loaded a bit more more as the body and torso rotates more off of the right foot as he starts to stretch the left foot forward to transfer the hit and all his energy in front of the left foot.  Now he starts to transfer and push through his right  leg to unload the hit. He's going to bring that left foot forward at the same time, bring his torso through the shot. And he's pressing down with his hand through the hit right there with the wrist still laid back at contact . All the energy is in front of him using the legs and the torso and torso  to transfer the punch or hit in front of his left foot. All his energy is compressing  the ball through the contact point+, getting 100% of his energy into the hit right now with the wrist laid back. Let's watch it again, pressing through the hit. Everything is in front of his body, landing on the left leg. And let's watch it one more time from the beginning right here as he moves out.Watch how he simultaneously prepares the wrist as he moves and he steps out with the right leg and then really loads and unloads the swing right here, pressing through, coming around the outside of the ball, down and through, pressing through in front of his body. Practice these tips daily and learn more by comparing your strokes side by side to those in our FCT Pro library. You will see a big improvement in your game.

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