Multiple Participant Lesson Spaces in Full Court Tennis

07/24/2023 12:08pm 2 minute read

Effective communication is of utmost importance. Today we will highlight one of FCT's most essential communication tools: Multiple Participant Lesson Spaces.

Individual Lesson Spaces are designed for personalized one-on-one development, where coaches analyze videos and communicate directly with individual players to track progress effectively. While Individual Lesson Spaces can be useful for coaching, Full Court Tennis offers even more coaching tools for you to explore.

However, when coaches work with larger groups or cover multiple topics, Multiple Participant Lesson Spaces become invaluable. Think of them as your center where you bring coaches, players, and parents together to share content, track progress, and performance.

Multiple Participant Lesson Spaces also allows coaches to organize their lessons into various groups and themes. This allows coaches and players to collaborate, creating a valuable resource for coaches, academies, and groups.


Moreover, Multiple Participant Lesson Spaces can be used to offer coaching in academies, tennis teams, and clinics. By leveraging FCT’s Multiple Participant Lesson Spaces, coaches can set up various themes to focus on, providing value to players and generating revenue. For example, a coach could set up a training program to improve a player's Volleys and have all team members download the app. The coach can bill this supplemental training separately out of the app.

In conclusion, FCT’s Multiple Participant Lesson Spaces feature enhances collaboration, communication, and overall coaching efficiency. Multiple Participant Lesson Spaces can transform your coaching business and elevate your success.

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. We are delighted to assist you in harnessing the power of Multiple Participant Lesson Spaces!


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Brian Teacher, Founder and CEO

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