Mobile Match Tutorial with Full Court Tennis

09/28/2023 12:33pm 3 minute read

Welcome, in this blog post we will show you how to load a full length match onto Full Court Tennis and how to use the FCT tools. Read below to learn more!

Start by opening up FCT. To view a match, first navigate to your library from the Hamburger menu. In the above image, you can see that the Hamburger menu is circled in green.

Here you can see circled in green where to select to open your Library. 

Then, tap the Import Footage button on the bottom to import the match. This will allow you to transfer content from your Camera Roll, or Dropbox.

In this example, we will show how to import a prerecorded match from Dropbox. So, select Dropbox from the menu.

Make sure you allow the app access to connect to Dropbox. Now find the file you'd like to upload. Keep in mind that processing time may vary depending on your WiFi speed.


Once the download is complete, you can open the video in the FCT Viewer. 


This format allows you to play the match at any speed, forwards or backwards.

You can also adjust the playback speed to various degrees. You can move forward or backward 1 minute by tapping the scroll bar.


You can also move the clip 10 minutes forward or backwards by tapping where the arrow is shown. 


Some other great features in this part of the app are our annotation features, shown on the top bar. The annotation features allow you to record a voiceover, add your face, or draw on the clip using our pen and arrow tools.

Coach opens Train Now from Home Screen. 

Coach searches for player. 

Start a new lesson with your player. 

Start Live Consult. 

Add media options. Once you're done loading any video you want to, you can then start the call. 

To open a Mobile Match with a player, go to the Home screen. Then click My Players. My Players will only show players that you already have matches with. 

Search your players by clicking the search button on the top right corner of the screen. 

You can view your Lessons with the player. 

Open up the lessons to view the Lesson Space, where players and coaches can share media and messages. 


Hope you found this useful. Thank you for using FCT. Here's to leveling up your game!

For more on how to use Full Court Tennis to maximize your coaching game, see this article.


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