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07/24/2023 2:30pm 3 minute read

Teaching remote tennis lessons can seem like a daunting task. But with Full Court Tennis, it can be simple and extremely effective. Interested in how to maximize the potential of Stroke Analysis Lessons? Read more to find out how.

Effective communication plays a pivotal role in achieving success. Managing various communication channels like text, email, messaging apps, and video analysis platforms can be time-consuming and challenging.

Full Court Tennis offers a solution to enhance and streamline your communication through its unique feature called "Stroke Analysis Lesson Spaces." These private and distraction-free spaces for lessons are designed specifically for one-on-one development, making them ideal for focused athlete improvement.



Here are the 5 keys to Stroke Analysis Lesson Spaces in FCT:


1. Think of Stroke Analysis Lesson Spaces as digital folders tailored to individual players. They go beyond standard folders by providing video/image analysis and built-in communication capabilities. Utilize Stroke Analysis Lesson Spaces during your live coaching sessions to shoot videos, conduct analyses, and instantly share the content with your players. This streamlined approach saves time and keeps both you and your players organized with easy access to valuable coaching context.

2. Be sure to include a text to ask your player what they want to work on. This will significantly reduce the time spent on the initial setup. Prompt the player to outline their goals in writing. 

3. Foster Engagement with Topic of the Week. Consider creating a "topic of the week" and send it to all your players. Prompt them to comment, which fosters engagement and takes just a minute to compose and distribute to everyone at once. This approach adds value to the coaching relationship.

5. FCT Stroke Analysis Lesson Spaces- Your Coaching Center. Stroke Analysis Lesson Spaces acts as the center for your coaching interactions, offering a secure and private platform for posting, analyzing videos, and providing feedback exclusively dedicated to athlete improvement. By following these best practices, you can optimize your athlete relationships and achieve better results.


Compare your Strokes to the Pros in the FCT Pro Library 



There are two types of Stroke Analysis Lesson Spaces:

Free Stroke Analysis Lesson

  • Look on the player profile and start a Stroke Analysis Lesson

  • Coach can analyze stroke clips, points, or a match 

  • Coach can annotate multiple 5 minutes on each recording

  • Any fee you charge has to be billed outside the FCT app 

  • Some coaches don’t want to charge their students 


Hired Stroke Analysis Lesson

  • Coach sets their rate for 1, 2, and 4 strokes

  • Coach waits to get hired 

  • Notification is sent to coach of date and time of Hire

  • Player has 3 days to send coach all the video to be analyzed, 1 video per stroke

  • Coach has 3 days once received to analyze and send back 

  • Stripe is payment processor and and coach will be paid through Stripe

  • Free Stroke Analysis a coach can review a match


If you have any queries or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us, or book a demo with one of our head coaches. FCT is committed to helping you unleash the full potential of Lesson Spaces for your coaching business.


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Brian Teacher, Founder and CEO



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