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10/16/2023 2:19pm 2 minute read

So far, we have reviewed One on One Lesson Spaces, Multiple Participant Lesson Spaces, and now we will explain why we use Live Video Call Lessons.


What you can do on a Live Video Call Lesson:

  1. Review a match or practice session recorded on FCT or another device
  2. Analyze and Compare Strokes Side-by-Side
  3. Compare Strokes to Pros in FCT Pro Library or any other video
  4. Screen Share in-app and on Website to review in real time 


Why Live Video Call Lessons are so Powerful:

  1. FCT Video Player you can see all balance points, reaction times, and strokes in minute detail.
  2. Coach can correct any technical issues in strokes, balance, preparation and positioning.
  3. Example: easy to track the ball on return of serve-is returner pivoted and prepared when serve crosses the net.
  4. Traditional viewing is very limited compared to FCT media viewing.


There are two ways to do the call: a Hired Call and a Free Call. 

Hired Live Video Call

  • Coach sets their rate and calendar availability 

  • Coach waits to get hired 

  • Notification is immediately sent to Coach of date and time of Live Video Call

  • Stripe is Payment Provider and Coach gets paid in FCT through Stripe

  • Player can send any length of video on the app and website 



Free Live Video Call

  • Look on the player profile and start a Live Video Call 

  • Any fee you want to charge has to be prearranged and billed separately out of FCT

  • Coaches get 60 free minutes upon FCT signup and then must purchase extra minutes for free lessons at a minimal rate 

  • Some coaches don’t want to charge their students for lessons, that's ok. That's why there are two options for Live Video Call Lessons.


Read more of our blog to learn about Live Video Call Lessons, Multiple Participant Lesson Spaces, and Stroke Analysis Lesson Spaces.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. 


Brian Teacher, CEO and Founder



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