Coming Soon... New Monetization Feature: Subscriptions!

08/09/2023 3:25pm 3 minute read

Full Court Tennis (FCT) is thrilled to announce its upcoming feature designed to empower you: Subscriptions. This innovative addition is set to revolutionize the way you interact with your followers and monetize your expertise. Post your premium content and set your rates. Subscriptions are your ticket to financial growth! 


To find Subscriptions, open Premium Content from the Home Screen.


What does your Audience need to improve? Is it a tennis skill or level of play? Be specific and inspire them with your content to interact and spread the word! Join us in this exciting new chapter and elevate your coaching career to unprecedented heights. 


Why Subscriptions?
With the new Subscriptions feature, you can set any rate you like, giving you the freedom to price your expertise as you see fit. Create your own private channel within FCT, where dedicated followers can subscribe to see your premium content. Whether it's mastering the serve, perfecting the volley, or strategizing game play, you can offer specialized content tailored to your audience's needs.

  • Max Revenue: Keep all your revenue minus a transaction fee

  • Coaches can have up to 3 Channels and set their rates

  • Option to build community within Subscriptions by allowing comments, responses, and notifications on your posts

  • Coaches can choose for their subscription to renew every week or every two weeks


This is what it looks like once you have subscribed and the Subscription is open. 

Here you can create a community by having subscribers comment, like, and receive notifications.


Limited Time Offer: Act Now!
For a limited period, FCT is offering this Subscriptions feature as a FREE service for coaches to use. Yes, you read that right! However, this won't last forever. In the future, a monthly fee will be introduced for this service. So, seize this golden opportunity now and set the foundation for a recurring revenue stream.


Invest in Your Future
It's time to think beyond the traditional. Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, and remember: a one-time wage will never truly reflect your worth. With FCT's Subscriptions, embark on a journey towards financial independence and growth. Don't settle for the status quo. Let your journey begin with FCT. 


  • Break the Hourly Chain: Move beyond traditional wage limits.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: FCT's Subscriptions are your ticket to financial growth.

  • Your Worth, Your Rules: Don't settle. Let FCT be the launchpad for your coaching empire.

Join the Revolution! Don't wait for Full Court Tennis to get you business, send an invite to your players right now to subscribe.


Send an Invite out to your Contacts. Here’s to streamlining your organization and growing faster than ever! The future is here so elevate your coaching game today! Embrace Entrepreneurship in the tools FCT has provided and enjoy the journey.  

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Brian Teacher

Australian Open Champion, Founder and CEO of Full Court Tennis 


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FullCourtTennis was founded by former '81 Australian Open Singles Champion Brian Teacher, currently an ATP coach. With today's widespread access to technology, Brian wanted to make tennis coaching available and affordable to all. And so the FullCourtTennis app was born. Now tennis players of all levels, from all around the globe can connect directly with world-class tennis coaches to improve their game.



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