Forehand Volley Challenge - Part 7 of 11

02/09/2023 1:41pm 3 minute read

🎾Join in on our Forehand Volley Challenge! Challenge yourself and grow your skills. Part 7 of 11.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION: Hi, I'm Brian Teacher, welcome to Full Court Tennis, today, on the 7th step of the forehand volley challenge, I'm going to show you how to hit a drop volley. This is not an easy shot. You got to practice it, and you got to set that wrist back (lay it back)  and make sure this is not a swing. Everything is in front, so as you're moving  forward to attack the ball quickly, then as you move through it and everything in front, you just press through the shot right there and then soften your hands right through the hit so that the ball stays on your strings with feel. So you have to develop a feel to be able to soften your hand and feel the ball and just drop it over the net exactly to the spot you want to drop it. You have to keep moving out to the ball aggressively and moving through the hit and have the contact take place in front of you.  If you stop your movement through the shot you will lose feel on the ball and shot. You don't want to give the shot away and stop so  just keep moving aggressively, pressing through the feet, making sure you make that contact is forward an in this case in front of your left foot there, if you're a right hander, and press and soften so that you just drop the ball. On shots you are completely stretched out its possible you don’t have a chance to bring your left foot forward so in that case you are off of your right foot and contact is in front of you still pressing forward through contact point. Here it is again, just nice and soften your hand as you press through and drop the shot. You just have to keep working on that forehand volley, being aggressive with those legs, everything's on the toes, and then just press through the hit. Here we go again, setting the wrist. See that? There's no take back with the torso. He's just moving forward and pressing and softening through the hit. Try practicing at least 15 minutes a day until you master each step. Post your progress to the full court feed and or hire a coach in app for a virtual lesson. Stay focused, enjoy the process.


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